For the past several years I have attended the annual Nashville Berklee alumni reception, and every time I go I meet many interesting fellow alumni. Then I go home and another year passes. The last couple of times I went to this event I remember thinking how we could all benefit by getting together a little more often. What sort of relationships could be formed within this group? What sort of musical possibilities exist among us? The desire to explore these possibilities and form a stronger Nashville alumni community is what led me to create this monthly event and website.

This open-ended bi-monthly gathering for Nashville’s Berklee alumni can serve many purposes, something along the lines of an experiential workshop for music, the music biz’, and our musician community.

Some things we might be able to nurture:

  • A network of friends within the hundreds of alums who live in middle Tennessee
  • A community from which recent Berklee transplants can receive support and advice
  • Bi-monthly events at which we can learn from each other by sharing knowledge & music
  • Friendships and relationships with others from the Nashville music community
  • Musical camaraderie through performance

Bi-monthly Jam at The Rutledge

The first part of the night will be some casual hang time as everybody slowly filters in. At 7 PM the guest speaker will begin his or her talk (with plenty of time for questions and answers), concluding with a brief performance with the house band. The jam will occupy the final part of the night, with the house band as a starting point. Anybody who would like to play may participate – we can play standards, originals, improvise over vamps, etc.  – all styles welcome.

Songwriters can use this night to experiment with full band arrangements of their songs, so bring your charts and digital recorders if you’ve got ‘em. If you don’t have charts, we’ll figure it out on the spot.

This Website

This site is intended to be an open-ended forum, so if you have an event that you would like listed on our events calendar, please send an e-mail with the details. We are also looking for people to share their music related articles and writings on our blog, so if you’ve got something you’d like to share, please send it along.

All Berklee alumni share one common thread, that being a commitment to a musical life. So let’s come together to learn, grow, and help support each other and our dreams!

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